Family Violence/Violence Restraining Orders (FVRO/VRO)

If someone has threatened you, damaged your property, subjected you to violence or emotional abuse, or behaved in an intimidating manner toward you then it may be appropriate for you to seek a court order to protect you from that person.  A FVRO/VRO is a court order that is designed to protect you from a certain person and the acts of that person.

In order to get a FVRO/VRO you need to make an Application to the Magistrates Court or Children’s Court (whichever is applicable in your case).  In your Application for a FVRO/VRO you need to demonstrate to the Court that the person you are seeking protection from has committed an act of abuse, is likely to commit further acts of abuse, or makes you fear they will commit further acts of abuse. 

At Swan River Law we will assist you in making your VRO Application or Responding to a VRO Application.  We will attend court dates with you and represent you at your VRO trial.

Misconduct Restraining Orders (MRO)

A MRO is a court order that prohibits a person from doing whatever it is the court thinks is necessary.  MROs are very factually dependent and can include orders such as stopping a person from entering your residential or work premises, coming within a certain distance of you, intimidating or offending you, attempting contact with you, and possessing a weapon.   In order to get an MRO you need to satisfy the court that the person could reasonably make you feel or does make you feel intimidated, will cause damage to your property, or act in a way that is considered a breach of the peace.

Our services at Johanssen & co include advising you on the legal process involved, assisting you in making your Application to the Court and attending any court appearances.