At Johanssen & co our lawyers can offer you professional advice and assistance with property and property related matters.

Deceased estates

After your loved one has passed away we understand that it can be a difficult time for you and your family. At Johanssen & co we reduce the burden of applying for and making the necessary changes to the Certificate of Title. Our expertise and knowledge will provide you with peace of mind that these matters are being attended to during this difficult time.

At Johanssen & co we can assist you with making an application by survivorship. An application by survivorship is made upon the death of one or more of the proprietors where you held the title as joint tenants. We can advise you of the documents required for a successful application and manage your application from start to finish.

Our lawyers also provide assistance and advice to executors or administrators of deceased estates in relation to land title matters. Whether you have received a grant of probate or letters of administration your obligations can be overwhelming. At Swan River Law we understand that you wish to ensure that the deceased estate is distributed in an accurate and timely manner and we can provide you with the relevant expertise and knowledge to achieve this. We are willing to act on your behalf to ensure that the appropriate documentation is drafted and lodged.

Land title applications

We can assist with making applications in relation to the transfer of land, lost titles, registration of your power of attorney, caveats, property (seizure and sale) orders and many others. Completing applications for lodgement can be a difficult process as they may require supporting documentation including statutory declarations, original documentation, a verification of identity and for your signature to be witnessed by an authorized witness. We can assist you with these matters and ensure that you have the necessary document for the applications to be lodged.

At Johanssen & co we can also provide you with legal assistance regarding a requisition notice. When documents have not been lodged appropriately you will receive a requisition notice advising of what needs to be amended or provided in order for the document to be successfully registered. Our lawyers can help you to understand what you are required to amend or provide as a result of the requisition notice and help you to address the matters raised.

Landlord and tenant

When you decide to rent or lease a property in Western Australia it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities. Equally when there is a dispute as to these rights and responsibilities it is important that you have an informed understanding of your liability, obligations and options.

Our lawyers can provide you with advice and court representation in relation to commercial disputes. Whilst we are unable to represent you in court in relation to residential disputes our lawyers can provide you with their professional opinion in relation to your circumstances, assess your options and navigate through your concerns and issues.

Having expert advice in relation to these matters can help you assess your situation from a legal perspective. Our lawyers can assist you with understanding your strengths and weaknesses prior to initiating or responding to correspondence and/or court proceedings. Being aware of your legal position can be a cost-effective and efficient way of taking steps to avoid or manage a dispute.

At Johanssen & co we seek to provide you with an understanding of your position so that you do not pursue a matter where you are unlikely succeed or defend. Our lawyers can provide you with their professional opinion on your individual matter to assist you with making a decision.